Printing is a process that allows you to transfer the image or text from a template to various materials (paper, PVC, foreign currency, metal, etc…). Our company Dolomiti Print, based in Bolzano, Egna, Trento and with offices all over South Tyrol, offers various types of online digital and offset printing. Depending on your needs, our team will advise you on the best solution that suits your needs. Whether small format printing OR large format printing, Dolomiti Print is available to answer all your questions. Dolomiti Print, typography and printing, offers a wide range of services and materials for Online-, Digital– and Offset Printing. Printing is one of the oldest and most effective methods of advertising communication and advertising. One of the other methods is web advertising, better known as Web-Marketing. Printing is central to the development of communication and advertising. For a company, the visual communication achieved through digital online printing and offset printing is essential for many reasons:

Expanding of the brand
Strengthening the corporate identity
Show your services
Advertising for events and promotions
Be recognizable

Being recognizable is one of the main factors, the colors of your company, your name, your motto, I must get into the mind of the consumer. The more attention you receive in the press, the more your brand will become known.

The basis for a good advertising campaign through the use of digital and offset printing is (initially):

business cards

In addition, there are the corporate gadgets, various types of packaging, exhibition aids and posters for events. DDolomiti Print, the pioneer of typography, also offers you the opportunity to create your own graphics. Contact Dolomiti Print and one of our staff will be happy to advise you.