Graphic advertising is an essential element to obtain a print of the highest quality. Dolomiti Print, a leading company in the printing industry, offers its customers graphic advertising which then goes on to print. Graphic design is often underestimated, so over the years we have seen the possibility of correcting and improving the work of our customers. For these reasons, Dolomiti Print has decided to offer graphic advertising. Underestimating the importance of an elaborate graphic created by an expert is a mistake many people make. It is often assumed that a friend or relative with a good ability to use the graphic design software is able to develop an effective and professional product. For the new generations it is not impossible to create a graphic advertisement with Photoshop or Illustrator, but certainly the work will not correspond to the characteristics of the market. Everyone has their own profession and specialises in their own field. Our employees follow technological developments with passion and enthusiasm, are always up to date, take part in competitions and training courses. Our clients have appreciated our quality in graphic advertising because they now rely on Dolomiti Print for the design, processing and graphic design. You can also hire our copywriters to design and produce advertising texts and translations into several languages.

Our team can do the following:

Redesign of the corporate image
Printed layouts
Graphic design
Text editing
Text translation

It is important to get a high quality print, but with bad graphics the desired effect may not be guaranteed. At Dolomiti Print we can offer you a complete service.

For any kind of information please send us an e-mail with the subject “Graphic Design Advertising” and we will send you our offer as soon as possible.